Content Marketing Figures:

71% Leads
45% Sales

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the Art of Selling Using Information, Knowledge & Data…

ontent Marketing has sent numerous customers to thousands of businesses in the last 12 months. According to a recent research report content marketing has enabled them to get 71% of leads, 45% of conversions only through Content marketing. Many Fortune 500’s have realized this potential and have customized their marketing efforts in this direction.
The advantage with content marketing is your customers are educated about your product or service even before they arrive at your website. And most importantly your content will be easily discoverable to your target market when located at various online platforms like: Blogs & Social sites where people are looking for purchase advice. All Your customers are Pre-qualified and you can concentrate on delivering to your customers and less worrying about explaining them what your product is about.

Traditional Marketing Vs Content Marketing

runaway01In Most of the Traditional Marketing Techniques, You pay money and advertise your products to be shown to potential clients. Potential Clients smell  “promotion” all over and run away!

buyIn Content Marketing, you help your customers with useful & engaging content attracting them into buying your products in the process…

Why Content Marketing?

It has been one of the most profitable & genuine way to sell your stuff. And importantly it works well for you in all directions. Few Advantages of Content Marketing:

  • Brand Awareness

  • Lead Generation

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Website Traffic

  • Visitor Engagement

  • Search Engine Visibility

Who is it For

Content Marketing is for people who have long-term goals for their business. And for who wish to have stable traffic to their websites instead of depending on external sources like search engines etc.,

Some Results Content Marketing has Helped Businesses Achieve:

  • Website Traffic

  • SERP Improvements

  • Awareness in Social Media

  • Increase in Time spent on website

  • Customer Feedback

  • Sales Lead Quality

  • Incoming Links

Who is Doing Content Marketing?

Content marketing is being used by some of the largest organizations in the world, including P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and John Deere. Many of the major organizations outsource their content marketing to dedicated companies like ContentSetter.

How Businesses are Profiting from Content Marketing Each Year?

Stats & Facts:

More than 90% of Marketers Use Content Marketing
70% of Businesses Increased their Content Marketing Budgets this Year Compared to last year!
75% of the Businesses who did content marketing considered it to be effective
52% of Businesses have a documented content marketing strategy
74% of Businesses have an Individual/Firm to overlook content marketing strategies.
More than 50% Businesses are Planning to increase their budgets further more in the next 12 months
92% of Non-Profit Organizations are using Content Marketing

Industries We Work With

    • Oil, Gas & Energy

    • Construction, Real Estate & Materials

    • Retail

    • Automotives

    • Electronics

    • Transport/Travel

    • Marketing

  • Banking & Finance

  • Food

  • Health & Pharma

  • Telecommunications & Internet

  • Software & IT

  • Education

  • Entertainment

When Does ContentSetter come into Play?

ContentSetter can help businesses who lack time to formulate, generate and execute a content marketing plan. Doing Content marketing wrong can spell more bad than good.

contentsetter star

Hence Our Content Marketing strategy is carefully planned and executed. We take various factors into consideration when planning the strategy, like:

  • Target Industry

  • Product Characteristics

  • Final Goals of Your Business

  • Taking “Promotion” out of “Marketing”

  • And Your Competitors

Our Main Goals:

  • Produce Engaging & Variety of Content

  • Increase Content Effectiveness

  • Boost Spreading of the content through social mediums

  • See that the plan fits through all the latest Search updates Google Brings In.

  • Getting Your Content Found

Ranking in Top 5 Already ? Good! But…

No more is the case, Where you used to rank in the first page, And stayed there forever. Your competitors are Busy and working Hard to take your position.


You need to build Fresh Backlinks to your Website each month to keep it on the First Page of Search Results & Other online venues.


Content Marketing is the best solution to Achieve (or) Maintain Good Search Engine Rankings! As Search Engines continue to discredit old backlinks with time..

ContentSetter Advantage

Fortune 500 Standards

Content marketing strategies comparable to fortune 500 campaigns (Thanks to Advices from the Insiders 😉 )


Lowest Costs when comparing the results achieved, ROI to that of other Content Marketing Companies

Reputation Management

Campaigns Can also be tailored to Remove Negative Search Results and Improve your company Reputation

Since 10+ Years

10+ Years of Experience to Boost

100% Satisfaction

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee if not satisfied. No Questions Asked!
Yes, We are so confident of our services.

ContentSetter is a trusted name by companies and individuals that are looking to get new customers through content marketing channels.

The Process

  • Details

  • Analyze

  • Content

  • Placement

  • Distribute

Once we receive your order details our team starts analyzing your business and understands the requirements. The requirements are then handed over to our team of writers to produce content that will best help in reaching new audience’s. Once the writers deliver the custom created content our placement team starts placing your content at strategical locations that are easily discoverable and most likely shared by social media users.

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